During the 21st Century, globalization and technological advance are the 2 main factors for the acceleration of the global economic development. In fact, these are also  the 2 greatest challenges we are facing in this generation. With the rapid economic growth of China and India (the countries with the largest population), the global economy has entered into a new era. Countries such as Russia, those from Africa and Central & South America are now starting to catch up. Nowadays, global business cooperation becomes prominent as the advanced communication and information technologies help us break the barriers of communication in different races, cultures and religions.

Being the major driving force of the global economic development, China has been experiencing an annual GDP growth of around 10% on average for the last decade and the trend is expected to continue. Under the Eleventh 5-Year Plan formulated by the PRC Central Government in 2006, the Binhai New Area of Tianjin has been determined to be the strategic development area of the country. As a matter of fact, tremendous business opportunities arise in Tianjin in this decade. Macro Synergy Consulting Limited (formerly named as Macausmart International Limited) would be dedicated in serving both national and multi-national enterprises for their business development in Tianjin (and other cities in Northern China in the long run). On the other hand, we are also keen in assisting mainland enterprises to make a big step towards the international business community through Hong Kong as a platform.

Company exhibition at the Tianjin International Investment and Financial Planning Expo 2008

Mr. Stewart Hui was invited to be the guest speaker of the program “Being on the Same Piece of Land” of Tianjin People’s Broadcasting Station on June 2, 2008


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